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"Remember, CNC will be somewhere in your woodworking future!"
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Euro-Legacy Simplicity 600
Welcome to Simply-Woodworking and to use a 1960's expression "what's it all about" well then let me explain, and by the way if you know that song then feel free to sing along!

This site is about CNC woodworking and we endeavour to cater for both the professional small business and serious amateur woodworkers.

There is a personal crusade involved here for whilst I have sold these machines for a number of years I have never had the time to sit down and learn how to design and then produce an end product. So this now means me getting to grips with a variety of software products to perform the various functions, then documenting it for our own reference plus for others to use as a starting point in their CNC journey. If along the way we can remove some of the mystique of CNC, then all well and good!

With the Legacy range of product we cater for the beginner and small business all the way through to the larger business, for each groups requirements we offer machines capable of undertaking small through large capacity CNC flat work, then the addition of CNC turning with or without Auto Tool Change.