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You are what you Surf, the internet not the big blue ocean waves!

What is “You are what you Surf” all about

Every 4 to 6 weeks, maybe, possibly even more often, I will provide links here to various turners from around the world that I have come across during my internet surfing. Some of these turners you may know about already but hopefully, there will be one, or maybe two, that are new to you.
What I look for are turners who explain exactly what they are trying to achieve, their techniques and the jigs being used. I aim to show the scope of what people turn and to get the old grey cells thinking.

You are what you Surf #3
This time I thought we might view some different finishing techniques:
Woodturning the Graffiti Vase with Metallic Spray Paints is an interesting video spoilt by lack of a voice-over explanation of the techniques.   Some interesting, simple, embellishing techniques that provide food for thought.

Sandblasting is not a technique I would associate with woodturning but as you will see from the following videos it offers lots of opportunities to produce something different. I first saw some turned items where the finish intrigued me. I found out that they were as a result of sandblasting, next thing I know is that all of a sudden I have a number of videos on the application, so here they are:

You are what you Surf #2  18-03-2019

At a recent “Drop in” session at the Berkshire Woodturners Club     the subject matter was “Design” or as I prefer to think of it “Getting Creative”.

One of the processes we talked about was drawing or sketching what you visualise the final item you wish to turn will look like. In this video “Woodturning Tricks & Tools – David Marks GIANT Hollow Vessel Presentation” shows the approach taken by David when he made this is a deep hollowed vessel a couple of years ago. Besides the fact that he draws the item first, there are one or two neat tips in the video along with the biggest hollowing rig I have ever seen.

Following on from a demo by Chris Pouncey of Robert Sorby of the Sorby Texturing Tools here are a couple of suitable background videos on texturing.

“Woodturning, Spiralling and decorating with Nick Agar” this is a Robert Sorby video and because I think that you cannot get enough of a good Nick Agar demo here is another he did

Now even I know that Valentine’s Day has been and gone but as the club had a session on making pendants I thought these would complement it and provide ideas.

Woodturning Heart For My Valentine Plus Collet & Jig – Alan Stratton

Tim Yoder – Coloured Pendants

If you turn bowls you often need to finish the base or the foot. One solution is the Longworth Chuck.  So save yourself some cash and make one.  Making a Longworth Chuck – Gord Rock

Now the Longworth Chuck compliments, in many respects, a Set of Cole Jaws, these fit onto your chuck whereas the Longworth Chuck is a stand-alone item. By the way, please be aware that manufacturers holding capacity for Cole Jaws are not what you think they are from reading the literature, I fell victim on one occasion.

Well, I cannot finish without a mention of a couple of turners whose work and You Tube channels I enjoy. Adding not a lot of colour but enough to enhance the wood I offer you Woodturning a Carved Copper Rimmed Platter – Jim Overton

The other turner is Stewart Furini, I think the management has taken away his coloured paints, just a nice piece of wood. Woodturning a Large Sycamore Burr Bowl – Stewart Furini

Any thoughts or questions on the above, or tell me subjects you would like me to cover that relate to woodturning then contact me via

“You are what you Surf” #1   14-02-2019 
I will start with Tim Yoder, who I had the good fortune to meet at the AAW in Portland USA 2018. He is one of those people that explains in great detail what he is doing, who has a sense of humour that I enjoy and who makes great turnings plus he has a number of excellent tutorial videos on using basic turning tools.
Tim Yoder – Mushrooms Part #1 

Tim Yoder – Mushrooms Part #2

Next up is Gord Rock, a Canadian, who again is someone who explains what he is doing. His subject was one that I wanted to get some ideas about as it is a technique that interests me.

Gord Rock – My First Turning with Piercing
Gord Rock – Turning a Ring Keeper
Here is a simple useful little turning that might be appreciated by a lady.

Jimmy Clewes – Sharpening and Using the Micro-bevel
Jimmy was a Geordie but who has taken US Citizenship and now resides in Las Vegas.  A very popular international turner, always worth watching and learning from.

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