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A 9″ English Ash Bowl

This was an enjoyable project in that the end result was going to be a Christmas present for a family member yet I got the pleasure of making it plus it involved an experimental finish.

Whilst I have had a lathe along with more than enough turning tools and wood for 18 or so years the one thing I never seemed to have was time.
Now retired I have started to turn more regularly and have tried out various types of turning tools. When in business I introduced the Easy Wood Tools carbide tipped tools to the UK market and they are available from Now certain turners, they consider them no better than scrappers, other and I feel more enlighten turners take the approach that if a tool works for you great. During 2017 I received two sets of BlackLine Tools Diamond or Carbide Tipped Tools. I have been using them along with my standard Henry Taylor Tool gouges. To me, a Carbide or Diamond tipped tool is not a scrapper but a Shaper.
This was a lovely piece of English Ash and the grain pattern was excellent so I set too with my BlackLine tools, followed up with the “Peter Hemsley of Toolpost UK” sanding process Then it was on with the Chestnut Acrylic Sanding Sealer, followed by a quick denib with 0000 steel wool then a couple of coats of Chestnut Ebonising Lacquer followed by brushing the grain or areas where the Chestnut Gilt Cream is to be applied. Beware when using Gilt Creams, apply very sparingly as it will come up in large patches or blotches. Then left the Gold Gild Cream to dry and then buffed it, after buffing I applied two coats of Rennaissance Wax about 24 hours apart. Job done and I achieved the very fine Gold Gilt Cream speckles I required.

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